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    Plumbing Inspection in Ford County & Champaign County, IL

    The four major systems of any home include the roofing system, the electrical system, the HVAC, and the plumbing system. Even a small issue with these systems can lead to major repair expenses. Hence, you should get a professional home inspection conducted before buying or selling a home to inspect these systems properly.

    At Faeh Inspections, we offer all kinds of home inspection services, including plumbing inspection in Ford County. The plumbing system is complex and covers the entire property. It requires regular maintenance. A plumbing inspection ensures that the pipeworks are clear and the water supply is uninterrupted. Our plumbing specialists are highly knowledgeable about their work. Our professional home inspector will check every water outlet installed in the home during a plumbing inspection, including all faucets, showers, and garden water supply. They will also check for signs of leakage and moisture accumulation in the walls.

    If you are planning to buy a home in Ford County or Champaign County or looking to sell your property, get a plumbing inspection. The inspection report will reveal signs of concern, and you can get it fixed before you buy or sell your home. Contact us today for an excellent plumbing inspection in Champaign County and Ford County.


    Get Quality Plumbing Inspection Services in Ford County & Champaign County, IL

    A plumbing inspection is a major factor that must be performed before signing the deal. Since the plumbing system is a complex element and can cause a major financial burden on the homeowner, it is best to get any issues fixed before you buy or sell your property. A plumbing inspection may reveal minor damages in the pipework or any component associated with the plumbing system. When accumulated over a long period, these minor damages can cause problems. If you are already spending such a huge amount on buying the property, you do not deserve to deal with plumbing problems.

    At Faeh Inspections, we offer plumbing inspection services in Ford County and Champaign County. Our highly capable and experienced plumbing inspectors will make sure that there is no issue with the plumbing system before you sign the deal. We will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive plumbing inspection report which will let you know about the issues that need to be fixed. 

    Our plumbing inspection includes all areas where the water and wastewater are running. This includes toilets, sinks, pipes, laundry, shower, waste lines, water accumulation in the basement, and more. Our plumbing inspector will also check if the home has all the permits it needs as per the state’s rules.

    Get quality and reliable plumbing inspections by highly qualified home inspectors in Ford County and Champaign County. Contact us today to book an appointment with our home inspector.

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