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    Garages Inspection in Ford County & Champaign County, IL

    When it comes to performing a home inspection, the garage may not be seen as important as other areas. Despite this, garages have inherent safety risks, which is why they need to be inspected. The garage is usually used to store cars and lawn equipment, fuel tanks, and other gardening supplies. An inspector will inspect the concrete garage floor for cracks or settling, looking for indications of structural problems during an inspection. Call our inspector for garage inspection in Ford County and schedule your inspection today.

    Garages aren’t one of the first things most people think of when they think about their home inspection. Yet, garages are a critical component of a home inspection. Taking a look at it can give you an idea of what else is happening around the house. Garages are often inspected for fire protection, garage door and window parts, eyebeam system, electric system, and access to the house from the garage. Water stains are also checked in the garage to see if water enters through cracks in the floor or under the door. If water stains are seen from above, it may indicate another issue within the home.  


    Get Quality Garages Inspection Services in Ford County & Champaign County, IL

    Various areas need attention while having a garage inspection. The inspection should include details on the garage doors. Does the paneling look damaged? Is the door running smoothly? Do the doors have tension springs, and what is the safety consideration? Does the automatic reverse mechanism work properly? In addition, there will also be a report on the openers for the doors.

    The inspection will also include a safety issue that needs to be discussed. Gas heaters and furnaces are sometimes installed in garages. There may be serious consequences whenever any of these devices are hit by a vehicle. For this reason, appliances need to be protected from accidental vehicle impact with a properly installed and sized barrier. The Inspection process will pay attention to the main beam support posts. In the event of a vehicle strike, repair and structural costs will be high. The post needs to be attached to the beam and the concrete floor as a safety precaution. A professional inspector who does quality inspections can only identify these things. Call us now and get our services for garage inspection in Champaign County.

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